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AussieMite launchs Australian Made yeast based non GM spread

AussieMiteMore than 12 years in the making and with generous proportions of vitamin B added recently, an Australian yeast-based non-GM spread has officially launched. AussieMite, which is also gluten- and dairy-free, is the brainchild of inventor Roger Ramsey keen to provide an Aussie icon food spread with a premium product that is 100% Australian owned.

The caviar of savoury spreads, which is available in selected independent stores and on the shelves at retailer Thomas Dux, is also sold in the United Kingdom in Selfridges and Waitrose supermarkets nationally.

AussieMite has already passed the taste test of some of the toughest critics – kids – and also ticks the nutrition boxes, with well over the 50% recommended daily allowance threshold noted on labelling for thiamin and folate. Packed with ample quantities of vitamin B, which can help in easing stress and is a useful supplement for mental health, in addition to B1 and B9, the spread also includes riboflavin (B2) and vitamin B12.  AussieMite is a certified gluten-free product, using Australian corn as a processing aid instead of barley.

Founder Roger John Ramsey from the South Australian town of Cleve, who has perfected the spread with its rich yet mellow taste, has also consulted with natural and organic food manufacturers on ingredients for products.  AussieMite Managing Director Elise Ramsey says the family business supports locally sourced food, believes food producers have a role as custodians of the land and also that Australians have a right to know whether or not a product has genetically modified ingredients—AussieMite displays its non-GM status on the label.

AussieMite is proud of its premium non-GM product—surveys have shown a majority of shoppers would avoid GM if given the choice. The spread also has no chemical colours, flavours or artificial preservatives.

AussieMite would like to take this opportunity to thank their many partners and distributors who have provided support along the way, including leading London creative agency B&B Studio Ltd. B&B, which designed the AussieMite brand identity and packaging. Clients of B&B principals Shaun Bowen and Kerry Bolt have included Jamie Oliver and Green & Black’s.


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